Are you taking advantage of innovation and change in 2016?

Innovation & Change has speed up and unlocked the international market place to ALL size businesses not just the big enterprise companys, allowing YOU for the first time ever to be in the driving seat of your business and expand it quickly.

The question is are you driving your business forward or crashing into a brick wall…

It’s not enough anymore to have Good Customer Service, Website, Quality Branding or Social Media as these are all expected by the consumer as the entry point to do business in 2016.

You need more than this, talk to us today to see how we have helped 1000’s of other business like yours since 2002 not just Australia but Internationally as well.

Don’t Get Left Behind, Let Us Help

Our Clients

Small Sample of Current & Previous Clients we worked with

Building Business in Partnership

We understand that to grow a strong successful business you need to develop a long and profitable partnership which is why many of our customers have been with us for over 10 years and some longer.

With using our simple yet effective 3 step approach to all projects allows us to overcome challenges and fast track results allowing sustainable growth for the short and long term.

  1. Identification – Creating a clear understanding of what challenges are ahead with a clear outline of what a successful outcome looks like
  2. Motivation – Along the way we will encounter obstacles which is why we need to have a clear path of WHY are we doing this and does it have to done this way or is there a better way
  3. Execution – In all changes we make in business they are only as good as the execution which is why we use a clear project path and execution map with Mind Mapping.  This ensures that project timelines and budgets are clearly understood as this is where most projects fail.

The real question now is are you ready to grow your business in partnership?

More support and experience than others

Our team is a specialised team that has been crafted together over many years, ranging from seasoned entrepreneurs, online marketing specialists, franchise development, authors & copywriters, branding & market development for companies like Red Bull & Coca Cola and well everything in between.

We know that we cannot help everyone so we are very selective and careful of what projects and who we do work with, because of this it allows us to deliver outstanding support & service also named “Legendary Service”

All of our team are Passionate. Can Do Attitude. Friendly. Knowledgeable. Honest. Fun. Fast. Simply put – Legendary

The complete package for success

Having a fragmented team working on your business or project normally leads to frustration and fragmented results which is why we exist and trusted by major house hold names to start-up companies.

Projects we have recently worked on:

  • Full franchise development from Systems to Franchise Recruitment
  • Emotional Intelligence workshops and delivery of EQ profiles
  • Complete Health and Wellness Business Creation for change in the Fitness Industry while working with Tafe, Fitness Australia and Queensland Parks and Recreation
  • Full ecommerce solutions for a leading Glass locket Importer and Supplier
  • Ecommerce and Warehousing solutions for the Number 1 balloon & party supplies company including Brand Development
  • Full Kiosk development for a leading for a national Trailer Hire company
  • Custom Mobile App Development for a leading storm chasing company

Really the list keeps going, what the above really shows is that we can handle everything thrown at us with our specialist team.  This is why we need to get a complete understanding of your project before taking it on to make sure we are the “right fit” for each other.

If you would like more information or for us to take a look at your project get in contact today.

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