Logo Design

Logos are the basis of your entire business identity, and are very important in establishing the overall feel of your business and its services. Logos should be contemporary and long-lasting, while reflecting your business’s image with simple yet eye-catching graphics.

We at Colin Cooper Consultancy listens to your businesses requirements and visions, which means ensures that you will end up with the perfect logo.


Business Cards & Stationery Design

Once you have your logo decided upon it is generally quite a simple procedure to use the colours, shapes and elements from your logo and apply them to business cards and stationery items such as letterheads, with compliments slips and envelopes.

Building your corporate identity

If you are a new business just starting out, chances are you will need more than just a logo and stationery. If you have good road frontage, you will need to think about having extra signage designed and constructed, plus all the small things such as, brochures, information leaflets and maps.

A style guide is a printed or electronic manual which advises usage of your logo in different situations. This can be given to anyone who designs and constructs any printed matter for your business, and aids in keeping colours, fonts and design elements consistent across a variety of media.

A style guide is essential in establishing and promoting a brand, and it takes creativity and organisation for this to happen without your imagery becoming repetitive. Ideas for printed media
Some other items that you might like to think about could include:

  • brochures / leaflets / fliers / mailers
  • information or fact sheets
  • vouchers / price tickets
  • advertisements
  • user manuals / booklets / annual reports
  • posters / signage
  • catalogues
  • packaging
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