Business Planning

Identifying Your Business Goals

Before you get into marketing your business, you need to identify its business goals. Although we take for granted that a business’s goal is to increase revenue, that’s not the end of the story. There are many other types of goals companies strive to achieve. Product Creation Some businesses are driven by the desire to offer excellent products that make life easier for all of us. Your business goal may be to create the most innovative products on the market. This is a wonderful goal because products are at the heart of......

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Why Thinking Outside the Box Just Won’t Cut It Anymore

“It’s a cut throat world out there, and in business, it’s simply not enough to be different and unique. Don’t just think outside the box—destroy it completely.” When you started your business venture, surely you had a clear, straightforward vision for your company, and you may have had a solid business plan to go along with it. Your brand was unique, you were innovative, you saw something that others didn’t and you want to put it out there and make a killing out of your game-changing idea. There was also this tiny,......

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10,000 Hours to Success: Why Deliberate Practice Works

“Just clocking in enough hours does not make anyone an expert on anything. Find out what deliberate practice is, and how it can work for you at work, and in life.” Whatever type of work, or whichever industry you may have chosen to be in, you will always want to be the best in your field. And as with everyone else, you surely have at least one role model that you look up to—that person who seemed to have perfected all aspects of his or her craft. But looking at the people......

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8 Super Cool Simple Steps to Create a Successful Go to Market Plan That Will Change Your Business!

So before we begin outlining the plan we need to cover what is a “Go to Market Plan” and why do you need one. You need to decide what type of business are you going to be and will you be conservative like the rest of the business world or be disruptive, bold, exciting and make a positive impact on your customers What is a Go to Market Plan (GTMP) and Why Do I Need One? Well, this is a great question which many people never ask so you are already in......

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How to Make Your Business Website Stand Out In a Competitive Crowd

If you are new to internet marketing or you are struggling to attract customers to your website, the challenges and tasks you face online can seem daunting. The internet is a very competitive world and so many small businesses find it hard to make their mark online. For that reason, we have compiled a list of proven strategies that will immediately help your business and make your website stand out in a competitive crowd. Read on to learn how to stand out from your website’s competitors: Know Who You and Your Company......

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MMA Webinar Set for January 12: Dissecting the Winning Mobile Strategies

What are the best characteristics of winning campaigns? The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) will discuss this topic in a webinar slated for Tuesday, January 12 from 1 to 2 p.m. (CST). The webinar will take a “deep dive” into the recently released 2015 Global Smarties Trends Report. MMA and Millward Brown staffers will dissect the characteristics of winning campaigns from both the MMA’s 2015 Global Smarties Awards and the Cannes Mobile Lions. The human connection and purpose driven strategies are at forefront for top mobile marketers and will be addressed in this......

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