Improve Your Email Marketing

Improve Your Email Marketing

Everybody is inundated with emails these days. So how do you make yours stand out of the crowd and improve open rates. By sending relevant customised emails based on your customers’ interests.

Send updates, newsletters, and promotions to your list of contacts with relevant content by keeping track of crucial details about everyone in your database, then customise emails based on their interests.

Send personalised, relevant messages from behind the scenes to deliver the right stuff to the right person at the right time—without having to write individual messages every time.

Statistics and Reports
It is no longer enough to run campaigns and send emails. You need to know what works and what does not. Marketing automation software collects and analyses the data on every email you send… and that is just the start.
• Know the number of emails delivered, opened, clicked, skipped etc
• Evaluate web forms, landing pages, and campaign performance and ROI
• View campaign results in real time and make adjustments on the fly
• Refine your marketing efforts to maximise every dollar spent

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